Saftety Goals
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A focus on safety and health puts people first and that is the right thing to do. It also makes good business sense because a good safety record reduces risk and costs. It enhances productivity. When we care for people, it is reflected in the care employees take for each other, for their equipment, and every aspect of their jobs. Safe production is always our goal, and we are committed to improving our safety performance at every site. At Jim Berry Contractors, Inc. performance has continuously improved, and we have earned a reputation as a safe operator. This makes us an employer of choice for current and new employees and customers alike. Jim Berry contractor, Inc. sets out our approach to achieving the ultimate goal of zero incidents. It is supported by our courageous leadership approach, which encourages people to speak up about safety concerns and take responsibility for their actions. We invest in safety training and coaching, promote risk assessments and visible leadership. We conduct regular audits to assess our performance, and celebrate our success through the monthly safety awards recognition program. These many efforts combine to create a safety oriented culture throughout the company. Employees must be empowered to plan, organize, coordinate, and most importantly, participate in the safety process. Doing so improves safety at our company in a a way that is both controllable and measurable. Safety is an internal process that is controlled from the outside. Every employee is an equal partner in the safety process. There is no boss-subordinate relationship, no rank when it comes to safety. You either have a safe attitude or you do not, and since your behavior is dictated by your attitude, safety must be a part of work, not merely a requirement of work. Each employee has unique skills to bring to our company and we must share the goal of working in a safe manner. Our system and processes are only as good as the leadership and commitment we demonstrate everyday on the job. We must all be engaged in the safety mission. Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace requires diligent attention every day. Speak up if something is not right. Accept responsibility for your safety and health, and do not take shortcuts. Look out for your co-workers. When we all accept this daily challenge, our safety vision of “Every person going home safe and healthy everyday” can be achieved. Chelsea Turner Safety Coordinator

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